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Greetings to the membership of Region 2.  I am honored to have been nominated for consideration as Director-Elect of our fine organization.  IEEE has played a role in defining elements of my life for decades. My first real mentors as I began my work life were active in IEEE Technical Societies, and I have maintained many core professional relationships through those avenues.  MGA has played an even more direct role in enhancing my qualifications and value as a technical professional. Working within my Section, in Region 2, and with IEEE-USA has given me critical opportunities to grow and lead activities which have helped impact the profession and policy.  If given the opportunity to lead the Region, it is my intent to focus on three qualities, which I collectively label V-I-P…  Vision, Involvement and Passion.  

As the pace of technological change in our society accelerates, it is extremely challenging to succeed professionally when standards, policies, protocols and infrastructures are in constant flux.  VISION – the ability to discern what changes will produce what results – and how to appropriately react and adjust -  is a critical skill for our community.  It is the responsibility of the IEEE professional to shape vision, and ensure it is understood by all.

Once the path forward is understood, the technical professional must be INVOLVED.  It is not enough to take personal advantage of change, it is our responsibility to help society adapt to the changes for the betterment of all.  

Finally, our approaches to problem solving, outreach and community support must be infused with PASSION.  Leading through change can be exhausting, and it is the passionate professional who will carry on - ensuring success.  

If the Region is led with Vision, Involvement and Passion we will all have an exciting and worthwhile effect on our area, the profession, and the world.  

IEEE Region 2 Director-Elect Barry Tilton
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